Armed man in Walmart, shot and killed

Police shoot and kill armed man in Walmart in East Stroudsburg, PA.  This is becoming much too common everywhere in our country. This happened in the area close to where I live and shop.   The Pocono’s use to be a quiet, beautiful, crime free area years ago where people came to honeymoon.  That was why we choose to live here.

One witness told  Newswatch 16 that she saw Todd (the armed man at Walmart) outside the store talking on a cell phone and overheard him say that he had two guns.

Now my question is WHY didn’t the women who overheard the man saying he had guns, didn’t go into the store and warn them to lock the doors and call the police? Thank GOD only the man with the 2 guns and machete got shot and no innocent people were injured.

Nowadays, WE MUST take a proactive approach to our safety. ANY TIME you overhear something, SAY SOMETHING. Make the phone call to the police. It’s better to be safe than sorry ALWAYS!

See Something, Say Something

armed man in WalmartThe police aren’t going to be upset with you for making the call. That’s their job. They’d rather be checking something out than collecting bodies that were shot. How would that women who did nothing feel if that armed man shot and/or killed innocent people? I know I wouldn’t be able to live with myself, the guilt would eat me alive.

According to State Police have identified the man as Andrew Todd, 20 of Mount Bethel. Authorities say he walked into the store with two handguns and a cachet around 10 pm. He then began pointing a gun at customers.

When officers from Strouds Area Regional Police entered Walmart, the man started to point a gun at them. That’s when officers shot at the gunman, hitting him in the chest area.  He was taken to the hospital where he died.

I’m sorry for maybe sounding cold but I want to give a shout out the Strouds Area Regional Police and our State Police for the way they handled this situation.  Who knows how many innocent lives they saved.  Thank you!



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