Freedom of Speech, is it over?

Has Freedom of Speech ended with this New Generation?

As some of you may have heard, the holiday classic “Baby its cold outside” has been ban by WDOK Christmas 102.1 in Cleveland, Ohio.  This is because ONE listener called and complained that the song was inappropriate.  Then they did a poll and others felt the same way so…..bye bye Christmas classic.  Give a listen below.  What do you think?

People are becoming much too sensitive and get offended WAY too easily.  Gone are the days of laughing at yourself and others.  Glad I’m not a comedian.  I feel like soon we will need to check a website or paper every morning to see what the new politically correct word is or what’s offensive today.

My father and those who came before him fought for our country so we can have freedom of speech and it seems every day something offends someone.  And then because of the .00001% of people who are offended by a phrase or word that, by the way, has been used for decades, the other 320+ Million of us has to change. 

Now I grew up listening to “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and NEVER once thought of it as a sexually inappropriate song.  Anyone else?  Thanks, #metoo movement for ruining that song for us.  I will still listen to it and enjoy it but why is everyone trying to destroy our culture and history.

It’s happening in our Universities

Freedom of speech is becoming a thing of the past and on some college campuses, it’s even worse.  If you’re a Christian or conservative, you’ll be silenced, having to keep your views to yourself.   They are made to feel racist, stupid or that they’ll be punished for sharing their opinion. 

A survey at the William F. Buckley, Jr. Program at Yale found that over half of these students feel intimated when sharing ideas different from their professors, 53% to be exact.   54% feel intimated for sharing ideas different than their classmates.  One student said they discuss ideas with the door locked because they are scared people will tell on them.  TELL ON THEM.  Doesn’t that sound like a communist country?  Last check this was America and we had freedom of speech.

59% of students support banning speakers who use so-called “Hate Speech”

33% also believe Physical violence is justified to stop “Hate Speech”

Who determines what is hateful?  This can be different for everyone.  I was brought up in a Polish/Slovak neighborhood (I’m half Slovak) and at every get together they would tell the newest Polish/Slovak joke someone heard or made up.  No one took offense, it was all in fun and to laugh.  Nowadays, you have to worry about being sued, called a racist or what’s next, being locked up?

Students at these colleges can even be punished for PRIVATE conversations.  They have a webpage where someone can report something they overheard and were offended by and ask for it to be investigated.  Then the student is called in for a hearing.  REALLY???? 

Some believe this is being caused by a new generation of kids being brought up by helicopter parents, bubble wrapping kids.  Everyone gets a trophy.  These kids never hear they’re wrong, everything they do is perfect so when they run into opposition or told they’re wrong they don’t know how to handle it.  It’s a major crisis for them and they don’t know how to deal with it.

Some Universities are taking a stand for the first amendment.   Check out this letter from the University of Chicago,

Freedom of Speech - University of Chicago Acceptance Letter

My thoughts on this

I find it unbelievable that this even has to be said in an acceptance letter to a college.  Last I checked College was supposed to be where you grew as a person, shared ideas and expand your intellectual mind.  Political Correctness is stifling our ideas and growth as humans.  We can’t be afraid to voice our opinions and speak our minds.  If we all thought the same we’d have nothing to discuss and be mindless robots.  Boring…..

Growing up I and had friends every nationality, religion, and sexual orientation and still do.  It is not my right or anybody else’s, to judge others for living their life as they choose and I’m not going to be offended by their right to do so.  But what DOES OFFEND me is when you call me a racist because of my political views or opinions and try to take away those opinions and MY Freedom to live as I CHOOSE.

I personally LOVE a good debate.  It’s how we learn things about each other and the world.  Yes, I’ve had my opinion charged by listening to my friends and their side of things.  The world is a big place and there’s always something to learn if we just listen to each other.  We all do not have to agree but we do have to get along and end all the hate.  We were heading in the right direction 20-30 years ago, I hope we can continue and reverse all the negative in this world.

GOD Bless

Please leave your comments below so we have a discussion.  We still have freedom of speech here on our site.  Please, no name calling or rude remarks.    The opinion you change may be your own  😉

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