Legalizing marijuana would help both police & public relationships says retired Michigan Police Officers

I came across this article “Retired Michigan cops say legal marijuana would help police-community relations” on and thought, it’s funny how times have changed.  Back when I was in college, 30 plus years ago, I wrote a paper for my speech class about legalizing marijuana and the benefits it would have on society.  Who knew back then it would also prove to be good for medicinal purposes.

Now I STILL believe my points are valid for these times, so here are some of the things I brought up and still stand by today.

The Price we ALL Pay for NOT legalizing Marijuana

  • Let’s start with the money it would save taxpayers because the police would no longer have to waste time tracking down the people selling it and/or those smoking it.  Currently, we have so many other drugs that really are a problem to society, that their time and our money would be much better spent on stopping those drugs.

In spite of what others may have you believe and in my personal opinion, it’s NOT an addictive drug like alcohol, which is legal.   Remember the 20’s when alcohol was illegal.

I’ve had MANY friends who smoked several times a day in high school and beyond, after all, it was the 70’s, and NEVER once, did I see anyone get addicted.  It’s NOT a hallucinogenic unless something has been added which legit businesses would NEVER do.

Hip Bus with marijuana

  • Let’s not forget to mention the cost of locking up people for years.  Many have gone to jail for more time than someone who killed or raped someone.

Then they get out of jail a hardened criminal from what they learned and went through while in our system.  They can’t find work and live off the system costing us even more for what should be a petty crime or not one at all.

By lowering these crimes from severe violations to civil infractions each state would save millions of dollars on the legal system.  Not to mention that this will also make it easier for those who would have had a criminal recorded to find jobs, increasing job opportunities.

  • Our police officers are harmed or killed because someone is holding a little bit of marijuana when pulled over for a traffic violation and then gets scared of going to jail. They run, fight or even shot.  Are our officer’s lives worth this for something that just makes someone buzzed or high?  That’s the price many have paid.

The BENEFITS we’d ALL reap by Legalizing Weed

(see what I did there)  LOL

  • All my points above were what it COSTS society. How about if we legalize marijuana?  People who buy it would be paying taxes.  Cha-ching.  Now we have money going back to the government instead of paying to keep people locked up, court costs, police salaries and possibly their lives.
  • If weed was legalized, the government would have more control over it. Other bad drugs wouldn’t be mixed into to which is sometimes the case when buying off the streets.  I don’t know if this is still the case but back in the days, it was Angel dust.  Who knows what drug dealers put into these drugs nowadays.  Maybe that why some people claim to be addicted.

Again, there is NO PROOF THAT plain old marijuana is addictive no matter what fear mongers want you to believe.  People LIKE to smoke NOT HAVE to smoke.  Unlike other drugs and alcohol which you have to come off slowly or have side effects with.

      • Now let’s talk about Driving Under the Influence.  This could be an offense but in my experience, it only makes people MORE cautious, paranoid and slow.  So we may have a lot of people doing UNDER the speed limit.  LOL  So not sure where the problem lies with this.
      • Let’s jump to the many benefits Marijuana has for your health.  I’ll just name a couple here.
      1. People undergoing cancer treatments lose their appetites.  Marijuana DOES the opposite from what I’ve seen.  It gives you the munchies so it gets the patients eating.
      2. It’s used for glaucoma. I had a friend who was having pressure in his eyes which was causing blurring to his vision.  He decided to give smoking a try and found that the pressure went down and his sight got better.  The effect of smoking one joint lasted about a week.
      3. It has a calming effect so people who have trouble sleeping get a better night sleep and can fall asleep faster.

These are just a few medical benefits people can get from smoking.  There are many other such as pain relief, seizures, inflammation, MS and many more.

Legalize Marijuana

I believe many of us would benefit from legalizing marijuana legal for both recreational and medical purposes.  I hope you enjoyed my opinion and that you will leave a comment below so we can get a discussion going.

I always say, if we all had the SAME opinion…. life would be boring and you never know what you might learn from LISTENING to someone else.  Whether it’s fact or opinion.

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