The Border Wall could help cure the National Debt

The Border Wall could help cure the National Debt but our government is fighting this every step of the way.  Did you know that illegal immigrants are costing the taxpayers $135 BILLION a year?  That’s right $135 BILLION.

This dollar amount includes not only Criminal costs which you can read more about below but it is also due to assistance with Medicaid costing U.S. taxpayers $18 Billion a year.  

Illegals don’t have healthcare but when they show up at an emergency room they can’t be turned away.  This is even when they show up because of a cold which would cost approximately $100 at a doctor’s office but upwards of $1,200 (in 2013) for the Emergency Room.   Therefore raising costs to those of us who have healthcare.  There are hospitals that have had to close their doors due to this problem. 

Steven Camarota, the Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies added up the numbers and found that 63% of all illegals have one or more people in their household using at least one welfare program.  That’s double the rate of American born citizens.

The cost of crime by Illegals

Illegals committing serious crimes in the US is staggering in terms of cost.  According to the newest figures from the Government Accountability Office, 1 in 5 Federal Prison Inmates are criminal aliens.  91% are from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Columbia and Dominical Republic.

Border Wall could help cure the National Debt

Over 6 years, from 2011- 2106 more than 730,000 criminal Aliens are in prison.  They account for 4.9 million arrests for 75 million offenses.  More than 1 Million drug crimes.  More than 663,000 assaults, sex offenses and kidnappings.  33,000 homicides and 1,500 terrorism related crimes.

From 2010 – 2015 US Taxpayers have spent more than 15 billion dollars or 2.5 Billion per year to keep these criminal aliens behind bars.  Now the figures don’t lie.  Doesn’t it make more sense to put up the wall for 5 Billion than continuing to spend 2.5 Billion a year?  This doesn’t include all the money we spend on all the illegals that are collecting welfare. 

Yes illegal immigrants DO get OUR hard earned money, whether you want to believe it or not.  We have veterans who have fought for this country and our freedom who are homeless, unemployed and starving.  They don’t stomp on our flag, disrespect our country or ask us to change for them.  Shouldn’t they come first?

We could also pay for this by stopping all the ridiculous things our money is wasted on such as $112 Million on fraudulent tax reimbursements to prisoners.  $2.9 Million on a World of Warcraft study.  Yes, a computer game.  $2 Million on a study about posting pictures online.  You can see more of how our money is wasted at  Yet they continue to allow this.

Oh, did I forget to mention that $400 Million of our Taxpayer dollars go to support imprisoned terrorists and the families of dead terrorists – including murderers of Israelis and Americans.  This is known as the Taylor Force Act.

$4.8 billion is also given to Mexico and no one complains.  This alone would just about pay for the wall.  But to protect U.S. citizens, they won’t budge.  Does anyone else see a problem here?  It costs the U.S $135 billion and the democrats are arguing about $5 billion.   By the way, this is ONLY .11% of the TOTAL budget.  Yes, point 11 percent.  Not even a half of a percent of the budget.  As far as I can tell this doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the wall is worth the cost to the tax payers.

What do you think?  Tell us below in the comments.

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Greg L Boston
December 29, 2018

It is a no brainer, when are citizens of the Great Country going to demand change. Who in their right mind can’t see what is wrong here.While Our President is wanting to secure our border, Nancy Pelosie is vacationing in Hawaii I’m sure on expense account paid by us tax payers.Set term limits, get rid of these parasites,NOW!

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