This is what a Hero looks like

I love to see and hear stories such as this.  In my mind, this is one of the things that make a hero a hero.

Officer T. Bilancione who is with the Summerville Police Department in South Carolina was on patrol and saw a little boy playing football by himself.  The Officer stopped his patrol car and got out to throw the football around with the boy.

This was all caught on the parent’s security camera.  His parents were so impressed with the kindness of this officer that they sent a note to the Police Department.  The note said “This made my son’s day and I wanted this officer to know … .he rocks.”

Now, this boy will never be afraid to approach a Police Officer because he’s experienced the kindness of this officer.  It’s truly inspiring to know we have this type of officer on patrol who cares about the people he protects.

You can watch this short video by clicking here.

We need to see more stores like this so the bad few STOP giving the brave heroes a bad name.  So many of our Law Enforcement give so much more than we ever hear about.  Funny how ONLY the bad is reported these days.

If you come across stories like this, please share them with us on my I Support Law and Order Facebook page.  It’s my goal to help get the GOOD news out about our Officers and First Responders who protect and serve day in and day out.

GOD Bless all of you and stay safe to return home to your families.


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